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As the only radio station in the area with a full-time news staff, GC-90.7 continues a three decade tradition of keeping you up to date on what’s happening right here in your town.  Whether it’s the local updates during BBC news, gavel to gavel coverage of the Bay County Commission meetings or the in depth interviews on Rapline, we make sure you know what’s happening in your community.  And GC-90.7 is the only broadcaster in the area with a permanent backup studio inside the Emergency Operations Center.  That means that in the event of a hurricane or other disaster, our news will come straight from the decision makers at the EOC.



Jimmy Carter was President, John Travolta was doing The Hustle in an ugly white polyester suit and CC first sat down to play the blues on GC-90.7.  Jimmy Carter retired to Plaines, Georgia…John Travolta retired the polyester suit…but CC is still playin’ the blues everyday right here on GC-90.7 FM.


jazz All That JAZZ And we mean ALL that Jazz.  From the contemporary jazz every weekday from 8:00 AM til noon on The Morning Vibe to The Acid Drop, The Soul of Jazz, Saturday with Sinatra, The Retro Lounge, Funk 180 and Jazz 24…we’ve got it all.  Jazz LIVES on GC-90.7 FM.



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